Tiny Yorkie Puppy Stolen From Pet Shop Returned After Thief Is Confronted By His Mom

A pet shop owner is very lucky after apuppy was returned after being stolen from the premises. But it’s what made the thief change his mind that really makes this story special!

A couple entered Victoria Glatz’s shop one day last week, browsing all the Orlando store had to offer. Security cameras show that the couple was in the store for an hour and a half before pulling a very strange move, preying upon Victoria’s trust. She was so comfortable with them that she let them hold a $2,200 teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppy in their arms while she went in the back of the store! That’s when the man decided to run out of the store, with the puppy still in his arms.

Not long after, Victoria received good news from detectives: they met the thief at a gas station when he called to return the tiny pup!

But the story doesn’t end there: it was the thief’s mother who convinced her son to return what wasn’t his. She had seen the security camera footage of the theft, and recognized him. She apparently had some very harsh words for him, telling him that he had to take the dog back. Now this man knows to never cross his mom!

If you want to thank this mom for convincing her son to do the right thing,

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