Her Dog Goes Missing From The Yard, Then Mom Spots Her In A Craigslist Ad

It was unthinkable. Kara Lowe was already heartbroken when she discovered her Yorkshire terrier, Sushi, had gone missing. Lowe believes Sushi escaped through a hole in the fence.

What she never expected was that she would find her 11-year-old dog for sale on Craigslist.

“She snuck out from that way and then it just, you know, she kind of ran into the wrong hands,” Lowe told ABC News.

Weeks after Sushi ran away, Lowe spottedthe ad on Craigslist selling her dog for $400. She tried to contact the seller but had no luck. Then, seven months later, there was Sushi again.

Determined to prove it was her dog, Lowe contacted her friend who owns a microchip reader. Lowe ended up paying the seller $250, but the reader proved her suspicions true: Tt was Sushi all along.

“I finally, very slowly, realized, oh my gosh, this is really Sushi,” her friend Kath Vasquez recalled. “I said, ‘Kara, this is your dog.’”

Dog theft, or, as policecall it, “dog flipping,” is more common than you think. Hundreds of dogs are stolen yearly. Experts suggest as soon as your dog disappears to check ads online and to treat an animal as a child: Never leave your pet unattended.

Moreover, a microchip implantis crucial in proving the animal is yours.

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