Dog Forced To Breed In Puppy Mill His Entire Life, Then Rescuers Shave Away His Matted Fur

Puppy mills are inhumane and abusive places which breedpuppies for sale in horrible conditions. And while we may wonder how they still exist in our world today, many more than we might think, still do.

Thankfully, many people out there try to make a change in this sad truth, and when they get to these puppy mills, if they cant shut them down completely, we hope they can rescue as many sick and abused animals as possible, at the very least.

In the video youre about to see below, a tiny Yorkshire terrier is rescued, and he has spent his entire life thus far in a puppy mill.

He is grungy, hairy, and looks a bit scared as the groomer takes him up onto the table. You can hardly even tell that hes an adorable Yorkie, until he gets this incredible transformation.

Clearly, the abuse, and life in a cagehas left him nervous throughout the process. But, he has no idea that his life is about to get a whole lot better, rather than worse.

As she starts to shave off some hair, clip, and clean, we start to see that theres a beautiful dog underneath all of that dirt.

And once hes all cleaned and dry,his first haircut leaves him looking incredible!

Sometimes these videos are hard to watch, but its important to be aware of these horrible realities so we can help put a stop to them. And when the end result is a happy, clean, safe puppy like this onewhat could be better?

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