They Walked Into A Shelter And Saved The Lives Of 15 Different Dogs At Once

When a sweet Rottweiler gave birth to puppies in a shelter, she and her whole family were at risk of getting put down. It seemsso cruel,but the fact is that shelters are jam-packed with animals, and some are put down far too soon just for the sake of space is an issue. There are just so many good dogs out there that need loving homes.

So when theBill Foundation caught wind of thispoor puppy family, they sprung into action right away.

When they arrived at the shelter, to pick up Mama and her babies, they came across another scared pup in the same situation. This terrier and her puppies were also at risk of getting put down to make room in the shelter.

When you first see this poor dog, you can tell that she knew her fate was not good. It’s written all over her face. But just wait until the end when she is safe and sound.

In just one day, this foundation saved two families and one abandoned dog, totaling in at 15 dogs. That’s truly incredible!

Now all of these pooches are awaiting their forever homes, and are no longer at risk of getting put down for space. Just look at those smiles! Who says that dogs can’t feel emotion?

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