Orphaned Warthog Has No Trouble Making Friends

When Piggy the warthog and his two siblings were first found, they were just babies. A woman, living on a local wildlife estate, came across the little ones and wasn’t sure what to do with them.

The three baby warthogswere living in a drain near the road, and appeared to be alone, but the woman didn’t want to take any chances. She brought them some warm milk and waited, hoping their mother would return. She never did.

The woman reached out to Ian and Michele Merrifield, cofounders ofDaktari, a school that teaches African children about nature and its inhabitants. The warthogs were given the best care at the facility’s rehabilitation center, but sadly only one survived. Piggy was alone.

Piggy was determined to live, however, and he began socializing with other animals at the school. It wasn’t long before he met a Rottweiler puppy named Nikita.

The unlikely pair became fast friendsand began to bond.

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When Piggy arrived at the Daktari rehabilitation center, he wasn’t expected to survive.

Despite constant care and bottle feedings, his two siblings died, and he grew listless.

The poor little warthog was alone in a big world.

Despite the circumstances, however, he survived.

Nikita, a sweet little Rottweiler puppy, was also living at the education center.

The puppy was very interested in their newest resident, Piggy.

Nikita and Piggy’s bond was instant. The unlikely pair beganspending all of their time together.

“Their bond grew and eventually they were inseparable,” Mr.Merrifieldtold the Dodo.

“They started sharing the same bed and same food.”

Although Nikita was just a little pup when she met Piggy, she acted as sort of a mother figure for the orphaned warthog.

She was there during critical moments whenPiggy would have needed his mother.

Nikita certainly didn’t treat Piggy like a son all the time, however.

The two got into as much trouble as they could.

“They loved rolling in poo,” said Mr.Merrifield.

Nikita’s friendship with Piggy allowed him to grow into a strong and confident warthog.

The good people at Daktari were eventually able to move him to a local game reserve, so he could live out the rest of his life in the wild!

“Piggy adapted well to his new home,” Mr.Merrifield explained.

“Last we heard, he’s doing great. The owner of the reserve will put kitchen scraps outside the fence and Piggy comes to gorge himself.”

Although Nikita and Piggy don’t live together anymore, neither one of them is short on friends.

Nikita spends plenty of time with two resident jackals, Minnie and JP.

Naturally, Piggy makes friends everywhere he goes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the center where Piggy was raised, check out their website!

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