Kindhearted Police Officer Comforts Dog Who Bit Him

In 2014, the internet was outraged when Salt Lake City police officers shot a man’s dog dead on his own lawn. Last week, things could have taken a similarly tragic turn for a Texas dog owner.Geoffrey washome with his 4-year-old son when he called 911to report a neighborhood disturbance. He told the dispatcher that hisdog, Jillaroo, was also home.

Jillaroo is an Australian Shepherd who helped protect her homewhile Geoffreyserved two tours overseas; the pup is instinctively protective. Officer Randall Frederick arrived at Geoffrey’s home before there was time tosecure the dog in the back room.Geoffrey’sson rushed to answer the door, and that’s when Jillaroo jumped between the child and officer, biting Officer Frederick on the leg. But instead of acting aggressively toward Jillaroo like otherofficers would do without thinking twice, Frederick attempted to soothe the dog– much to Geoffrey’s surprise.

Officer Frederick is being commended by his police department for remaining calm, rather than reacting with haste and violence.According to KAGS News, “Frederick’s calm response represents a major step forward for a department that has faced criticism over how officers have handled aggressive dogs. In May 2014, an officer shot and killed a Rottweiler inside a home after an alarm was activated. Stuart said Frederick’s handling of this situation sets an example for others to follow.”

Geoffreysays this is the first time Jillaroo has ever had an incident of this magnitude. While hesays he wouldn’t have faulted the officer for reacting aggressively,he’s forever grateful to Officer Frederick forhandling the situation with such care and kindness.

Geoffrey called the police to file a report about a neighborhood disturbance. He told the dispatcher that his 4-year-old son and their Australian Shepherd were also home.


Jillaroo is an instinctively protective pup. She’s an Australian Shepherd who helped protect her home while Geoffrey served two tours overseas.


When the officer rang the doorbell earlier than expected, Geoffrey’s son was already at the door with Jillaroo. When he opened the door and started to approach the officer, the dog immediately put herself between him and Officer Frederick.


Jillaroo bit Officer Frederick on the leg in an attempt to protect her 4-year-old brother, creating bruises and breaking skin. But rather than react with aggression, Officer Frederick surprised Jillaboo’s family when he slowly backed up and tried to calm her with outstretched hands.


Officer Frederick was commended and awarded for his wise actions and professionalism. In a letter sent to the Round Rock Police Department, Geoffrey writes, “I am a grown man, a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and I am getting emotional over this. We love our sweet dog with all our heart but she is extremely protective, which is a quality in this day and age that is both bad and good with an outcome that always comes down to who is involved. I tried to look up news stories where Police Officers had been bitten by dogs to glean some perspective, but all I saw were terrible stories where dogs were being tased and shot by the Police – sometimes with very ambiguous circumstances.”


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