3 Furry Siblings Play In The Backyard, Then The Cat Grabs The Camera And Takes A Selfie

If you have pets, there’s a pretty good chance that your phone and/or camera are entirely full of pictures of them doing cute things.

After kids and grandkids, pets probably take up the most space on our camera rolls. We can’t help it they’re just so darn cute!

WhenI adopted my rescue puppy six months ago, I gave up on trying to take pictures on anything but her. Everyone I’ve talked to with pets feels the same way.

Now, there are even entire Twitter and Instagram accounts set up for people’s pets. Even if you have your own animals, looking at other puppies, kittens, horses, and others is always a good way to spend your time.

No matter how my day is going, looking at sweet pets always puts me in a good mood.

This might surprise you, but there’s actually one thing that’s even better than pictures of cute animals: selfies of cute animals.

That’s right, animals can take selfies, too! I’m not sure how they’ve managed to figure it out, but one cat, Manny, is a selfie master. He’s even been referred to as “The Selfie Cat.”


Manny is a sweet gray cat with bright-green eyes. He is also quite the photographer.

If you thought cats couldn’t take pictures, boy were you wrong.


Manny lives with multiple other animals, including two rottweilers and another cat.

Manny’s little brother, a black-and-white cat, is named Weirdbeard because he has a black spot around his mouth that looks like a very strange beard.


Although Manny is best known for his selfie-taking skills, his Instagram is also full of other pictures, from sunsets to landscapes.

All of his nature photos are incredibly well-shot they’re actually a lot better than most pictures I’ve see taken by humans! (Of course, it’s highly possible that Manny gets a little help from his owners.)


Manny’s siblings are always up for a good selfie, posing in the background of many of his pictures.

Manny has apparently been an inspiration to his brothers and sisters, though, because some of them have even started taking selfies!


Just look at this perfect selfie Manny’s little brother Weirdbeard took! It’s just as good as Manny’s.

And his canine counterparts got in on the selfie action, too.


Here’s one of his rottweiler siblings taking a page out of Manny’s book.

Manny, who is in the bottom left of the photo, seems like he’s a little jealous that his siblings are getting in on his fame.


Not to worry, though: Manny is still the star!

Have you ever seen a cat take a selfie? These pictures are too funny!

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