Shelter Dog That Loves Car Rides Finally Gets A Ride To His Forever Home

How many times have you asked your dog, “Do you want to go for a ride in the car?” Probably a hundred times, at least.

If your pup is anything like my little guy, they start bouncing off the walls and run to get their leash. For most dogs, there is something so amazing about being in the car. Big or small, dogs love jumping into the backseat and then climbing to sit in the front seat with you.

Marley is a 3-year-old bichon-poodle mix who loves going for rides in the car. He is pretty much the perfect dog, and he gets along with kiddies and other dogs. He even smiles all the time! Yet, his previous owner did not have the means to care for him and had to surrender him to a shelter.

The poor pup was devastated, to say the least. But thankfully, the wonderful folks at Foster Dogs, Inc.worked fast to get this pup a new forever home! Most dogs get a freedom walk home, like Colt the pit bull. But Marley got a freedom ride home! You can watch his heartwarming reaction to going home in the video. That little smile and wagging tail will keep a smile on my face ALL day!

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[H/T: BarkPost]


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