Poodle Found Tied To A Fence And Left To Die Looks Like A New Dog After Some Love And Care

I will never understand what can lead a person to neglect or abuse an animal.

I am confused and upset when I hear stories about people just letting their animals go by dumping them on the side of the road or in a back alley. They can’t even manage to bring them to a shelter.

One person did something even more upsetting: They tied a dog to a fence in a deserted area in the Florida heat. They left thedog to die.

But Sam the poodle did not die! Someone upstairs was looking out for him and a Good Samaritan found Sam in the wee hours of the morning and called for help.

As soon as Florida Yorkie Rescue heard Sam’s story, they rushed in to help. But it was not an easy road. Sam had a laundry list of health issues due toneglect and abuse. They feared he would not live.

But love and kindness can be thedriving factor that inspires an animal to hold on to hope as they wait for medical care to work its magic. After months of care, he pulled through and now looks like a brand-new dog!

If you love to see animals like Sam being saved after terrible neglect, then you will love Millie’s rescue story.Shewas found too sick to cry for help but is now a happy and healthy dog!

Warning: The video below contains images of a neglected and abused animal that might be upsetting to some.

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