Quick-Moving Fire Completely Destroys Their Home, But Family Saves All 9 Dogs And A Bird Inside

It’s every family’s nightmare: an accident leads to a major disaster, and they must spend time and money trying to recover from the significant loss of their possessions, maybe even the lives of some loved ones or pets. The loss of life due to floods, fires, and other uncontrollable forces would not be uncommon.

But that’s when some heroes emerge. Common people, as much as firefighters, put in effort to save the people and pets they can.

Check out this man, who spotted a pup nearly submerged in eight feet of water in the Louisiana floodsand moved quickly to save her!

Now, one large family is very lucky to escape a raging fire with their lives. In fact, though their home was completely ravaged by the blaze, no one was hurt!

Firefighters credited swiftaction and functioning, updated smoke detectors for the fact that everyone emerged with their lives. This included the family itself and their pets nine dogs and one bird!

Even the tiniest Pomeranian pup, with his eyes barely open, was rescued before the flames reached him. Luckily, all the animals were already in the front yard.

The homeowners believe the fire started in the kitchen. They are currently being cared for by friends and neighbors, and will be until they can get back on their feet.

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