Adopted pigs frolicking in a field are too cute for words

When language fails, we will always have videos of animals being cute. And an animal sanctuary in Australia may just have the holy grail of animal #content.

The Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary is a charity-run sanctuary in the Hunter Valley that acts as a home to farm animals in need of a little TLC and a lot of freedom to roam. Something easily achievable on the 100 acre property.

Their adopted farm animals frolic in vast paddocks, free to nuzzle, dig and prance as their little hearts desire.

Edna was rescued from a backyard in Sydney. People can ‘sponsor’ the animals via their website.

The sanctuary also happens to be brilliant at capturing the animal’s sheer joy on social media.

Harriet. Rescue piglet. Superhero. Ambassador for the voiceless: the animals. #throwback #lovepigsnotpork #ihaveworktodo #wherepigsfly

A photo posted by Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary (@wherepigsflyfarmsanctuary) on Jun 8, 2016 at 1:50pm PDT

This trio of pigs, Harriet, Dustin and Wilbur, come when called, just like puppies.

There’s a reason the phrase “happy as a pig in mud” exists.

Or perhaps you prefer jittery baby lambs, expressing their excitement for life in literal leaps and bounds.

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