Tiny Puppy Learns To Walk On Three Legs After A Serious Injury

There are many dogs, cats, and other pets in shelters thatneed warm and loving homes. Not all of them are perfect: some are injured, or have an unusual appearance. For example,this mastiff puppy was considered “defective” by her breeder because of Swimmer Syndrome, but she was saved in the nick of time and overcame her struggles.

Holly is another puppy thathas won the hearts and minds of thousands of dog lovers. At first glance, the puppy looks like any other happy pup, but her story is absolutely heartbreaking.

The poochwas found on the streets at just 5 weeks old, with her mom. Her rescuers noticed that she had a broken leg. Unfortunately, this meant that ifshe couldn’t get treatment, she would have to be euthanized. Pender Animal Control didn’t have enough funds to save her.

Fortunately,they called the Adopt an Angel organization, and they were able to help both pups. In no time, vets took an emergency X-ray of Holly’s broken leg, determining that it was too badly mangled to be saved. They amputated the crushed leg, and Holly’s mom started heartworm treatment.

Some few weeks later, Holly is doing spectacularly well in her foster home. She’s even successfully climbing stairs, and to the tune of theRocky theme song no less! She has definitely succeeded in overcoming the obstacles in her way, and has even found herforever home.


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