The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: An Intelligent and Graceful Companion

All it takes is one look at a Cavalier King Charles spaniel for you to officially melt into a puddle.

With big puppy-dog eyes and floppy ears, they are insanely adorable.

And, while they may not be as big as a 250-pound mastiff, they certainly have a HUGE intellectual side!

Once fashionable among Scottish nobility in the 16th century, these small-statured pups are recognized by the American Kennel Club in four different colors. And it’s no wonder that they are such a well-liked breed in the United States alone, they are ranked the 18th most popular dog!

Aside from being insanely adorable, they are incredibly intelligent and easy to train. Imagine teaching Fido all the commands with the greatest of ease… Now that is reason alone to consider this pup as a pet! They have a very regal and graceful side as well, so if you’re looking for a dog that has beauty andbrains, the King Charles could be your perfect match.

I had NO clue why this breed had such a lengthy name, but the video below explains where its title came from. SO interesting!

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