Mom Comes Home And Confronts Her Dog About The Giant Mess. He Points and Rats Out The Guilty Party.

Its not cool to be a tattle tale and get someone else in trouble, but when you are a dog and you know the consequences could be no walks and dry food for a week, then youre not going to take the high ground. Especially when your doggie sister created an absolute disaster and as far as you know, you could be taking the full on rap for it. Forget that!

So what happens when the owners come home and realize that their French Bulldog made a huge mess? They confront both the Frenchie, and their other dog, a Bull Mastiff. They ask which one of them took that loose roll of toilet paper and went wild with it? The Bull Mastiff is as cool as can be. He has nothing to fear after all, knowing hes innocent. But he gets the feeling that perhaps his owners might not know the truth. So he doesnt mess around. When they ask who did it, the Mastiff actually puts his paw out and rats out the Frenchie! Hilarious! This dog knows whats up and is not taking a chance on being stuck with lousy dry food as punishment!

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