Giant Pup And His Ferret Friend Love To Play Together

We love when our pets make new friends, especially our curious pups. They’re such lovable creatures we couldn’t imagine anyone not loving them back! Their tender hugs and kisses make our day and when we see videos like the next one, we can’t help but be a little jealous. Just check outthis pup and his new bunny friend, and you’ll definitely wish that you were the little guy!

But the clip below by Worth A Shot Farm, of a massive Cane Corso mastiff dipping his nose into a furry little friend, simply takes it to the next level of cuteness.This is Brook, and his fuzzy friend is a ferret named Princess Naomi. And Naomi is a princess indeed, when you realize how much attention she’s giving her! In the clip, the ferret willingly submits to Brook’s affection, but not without a couple of affectionate bites on her nose! Watch the the two play together, and you’ll see that it was definitely “love at first bite!”

We have a feeling that these two will be friends for a very long time regardless of the difference in their sizes!

If you loved watching these two during playtime,


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