Big Dog Absolutely Refuses To Get Off The Floor And Sleep In His Bed

Dog owners will do almost anything to keep their furry babies happy.

Canines are already a lot of work, but their pup parents are always willing to go the extra mile and make them happy however they can.

And it’s a good thing too, because sometimes our lovable fluffy friends can be a bunch of big babies.

They need a lot of cuddles, are constantly full of erratic energy, and have hilariously whiny howls.

They also can be a bit fussy about their bedtime. Does your dog have her own special bed or favorite place to snooze on the couch?

This particular puppy and his loving owner have a very peculiar bedtime routine. The big baby bull mastiff doesn’t fancy going to bed, because it involves him having to get in a crate.

So, in a form of protest, he flips on his back and sticks his legs up in the air. He’s so large, who’s going to want to try and move him to bed?

Well, apparently his owner is up to the task, and the entire endeavor is totally hilarious and adorable.

If you’re a proud big dog parent, you’ll likely sympathize with this hilarious nighttime routine, and with trying to make such a big caninedo what you want them to!

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