18 Of The Coolest, Most Beautiful Dog Mixes Out There — I Need One!

I always had purebred dogs growing up. They were beautiful and well-behaved…but they also had plenty of health issues due to centuries of inbreeding and over-breeding.

Of course, when you get a mutt, you can’t be certain how they’ll look grown-up (unless you get them full-grown), or what they’ll act like. But after rescuing my beautiful “Lab terrier mix,” I know all too well that it’s more than worth it to take a chance on a dog who wouldn’t have a home without you.

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My dog Mila is probably a closer relative with a pit bull than a terrier, but I don’t care, because she’s just as sweet as the golden retrievers I had as a kid. What I’m trying to say is that you should never overlook a weird mutt mix — and here’s all the proof you’ll ever need.

1. Husky-malamute mix

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2. Australian shepherd-corgi mix

3. Corgi-Pomeranian mix

4. Cocker spaniel-husky-German shepherd mix

5. Husky…polar bear mix?

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6. Husky-German shepherd mix

7. Corgi-cattle dog mix

8. German shepherd-corgi mix

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9. Korean Jindo-husky mix

10. Pit bull-husky mix

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11. Golden-German shepherd mix

12. Great Dane-mastiff mix

13. Cheagle (beagle-Chihuahua)

14. Great Dane mix

15. Labrador-Weimaraner mix

16. Wolf-malamute mix

17. Border collie-Lab mix

18. Chocolate corgador (corgi-Labrador)

How cute/beautiful/lovable are they? I just want to take each and every one of them home with me. What kind of mix do you want…or already have?!

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