What This ID Tag Says Changed Everything This Man Thought About A ‘Lost’ Dog

One of the saddest things in the world is seeing a dog that’s been separated from its owner.

I’ve found several dogs roaming the streets over the years, and fortunately was able to find their owners quickly. There’s always the possibility that a lost dog might be a stray or abused, so it’s important to stop and help.

That’s what Tyler Wilson did when he came across a yellow Labrador retriever at a gas station, but what he saw on the dog’s tag shocked him.

“I’ve seen the dog a couple weeks before around that area,” Wilson told The Dodo.

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“So when he came up to me at the gas station and sat next to me, I was like ‘this dog has been lost for a while.’”

Fortunately, the dog had a collar and an ID tag. Wilson wasn’t expecting what he read when he reached for it.

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