Two Frightened Dogs Are Trapped In A Canoe Now Watch Who Comes To Their Rescue

A canoe was blown away from a gravel bar by a sudden gust of wind. Two dogs happened to be inside the canoe. They were running around and had jumped into the canoe. But it wasnt long before they deeply regretted their canoe jumping into antics, as they now were barking to try and get help.

Would any humans hear their call? Incredibly, the two dogs would be rescued, by another dog! A Labrador retriever jumps in the water and swims out to save them! The dog, Robbie, gets close to the canoe and then one of the dogs aboard nudges a rope over the side of the boat for Robbie to grab! The Lab then pulls the boat to shore as the humans egg him on to complete the rescue. All three dogs, plus the canoe, are rescued and are safe. What an incredible scene to see two stranded dogs actually being rescued by another dog! Amazing!

Source: Heroic Labrador rescues two dogs trapped in canoe by DeborahFaddis on Rumble

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