TSA Finds Forever Homes For Retired Bomb-Detection Dogs

At the end of last year, the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, released a heartfelt call to action.

The organization revealed its newquest, focused on finding forever homes for the precious pups retiring from serviceon theirexplosives-detection squads.

These dogs, typically of German shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Labrador retriever, orGerman shorthaired pointer descent, were all initially chosen to work with TSA for their naturally elevated sense of drive, making them generally active pups.

While each of the dogs available for adoption are affiliated withTSA in some fashion, their involvements range. Some have served with TSA many years, whileothers only made it partially through training. Some are quite well behaved, while others are feisty.

Regardless oftheir service duration or temperament, each of these dogs is finally getting the chanceto live a happy, stress-free life with a newforever family.

Keep scrolling through our gallery to learn more about how you canadopt one of these precious dogs.

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If you’ve been to the airport in recent years, you’ve surely spotted a few Transportation Security Administrationtrained pups, patrolling thegrounds with their human partners.


Before heading out on the scene with their handlers, these explosives-detection dogs undergo extensive training.

They’re bred to keep our travel systems safe.


Most all of these pups areof naturally active breeds, such as Germanshepherd, Belgian Malinois, Labradorretriever, orGermanshorthairedpointer.

They’renaturally gifted with elevated drive, making them the perfect bomb-sniffing companions.

And while most all of these pups perform their jobs beautifully, no one can work forever.


That’s why, in November of 2015, TSA launchedan adoption program, invitinginterested animal lovers to adopt these faithful pups, free of charge.


Aside from undergoing an application process, the only other requirement for adopting one of these fantastic pups isthat interested parties have to spend their own money traveling down to the dogs’San Antonio home base for pickup.

While many of the available pups are retired TSA explosives-detection squad members, others only partially made it through training.

Regardless of their skill levels, though, each of these precious pups has devoted their talents, in one way or another, to our collective safety.


Now, after years of service, each is getting a beautiful opportunity to shed their responsibilities and truly enjoy the rest of their lives.


Hopefully, allof these dogs find new,loving forever familiestoshower them with all the beautiful love and affection they’ve so rightly earned.


After years of service, countless retired TSA explosives-detection dogsare finally headed home with their new forever families.

What do you think of these TSA missions? Would you ever take homea retired servicedog?Let us know in the comments.

Are you interested in adopting one of these precious dogs? Check out more of the adoption process informationhere.

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