Teen Is Fast Asleep, But Her Dog Jumps On Her When He Senses Something Is Dangerously Wrong

Taylor Kim is a Type 1 diabetic with a rare autoimmune disease, according to KITV. Her mother, Chandra, used to stay up at night, monitoring and testing her to make sure her blood sugar levels were okay.

When Taylor’s diabetic symptoms started taking over her life and making it difficult for her to live normally, she decided to get a trained service dog to alert her of her blood sugar’s drastic changes.

When she met a labrador retriever named Brynn, her life changed forever.

In the video below, posted on February 4, 2017, Taylor says, “Oh my gosh, I don’t know even how much times she’s saved my life because during the night, my blood sugar will drop and she’ll be able to catch it.”

Taylor and her mother state that she sent in samples of her saliva in order to get matched with Brynn, whom was trained with intense scrutiny in order to be successful at her job. They say that byobserving the saliva samples of different levels, Brynn was trained to sense them by smell and alert her owner when she reachestoo high or too low numbers.

“If I’m sleeping and my number goes really low, she’ll jump on the bed and she’ll kind of just, like, jump around to make sure that I’m actually getting up. And she won’t just kind of like calmly do it, she’s trained to go crazy when my numbers are in a dangerous range,” Taylor laughs.

Although Chandra doesn’t have to keep a watchful,overnight eye on her daughter anymore, she explains, “I sleep at night. I worry still, but I sleep at night. It’ll get definitely easier as time goes by, but until then, you know, I’m going to worry.”

Taylor feels that some strangers don’t understand why she needs a service dog but goes on to say, “Diabetes is invisible. Not everyone’s going to know why she’s there, but I know why she’s there and she’s there to save me.”

To see Taylor and her alert dog’s full account, check out the video below and pleaseSHARE their story if think Brynn is an everyday hero!

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