Heroic Dog Keeps A Lost, Injured Boy Safe In The Mountains

We’re lucky enough to live in a world where people go out of their way to save animals of all kinds, from dogs to dolphins. These people make the world a little better and a little richer, and inspire the rest of us to do the same.

But sometimes, it’s the humans who need the rescuing, and our animal friends prove, once again, how selfless and dedicated they are.

Dogs especially look out for our safety more than we might even realize, like the dog who keeps a watchful eye over her swimming human, ready to leap in and pull him to safety in an instant.

And what’s truly amazing is that they don’t even have to beyour dog in order to save your life.

Juan Heriberto Trevino, 14, learned this after a harrowing ordeal nearly cost him his life, but an amazing friend saved it.

Trevino was in summer camp in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains in Mexico this past week. While gathering firewood, he slipped and fell into a ravine, becoming separated from his group and injuring himself.

Unable to get himself back to camp, he would remain in the unforgiving mountains for nearly two days.

But he wasn’t alone.He had an incredible companion who saved his life.

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Juan Heriberto Trevino was at summer camp in northeastern Mexico, in the rural mountain region of Galeana.

While looking for firewood, he slipped into a ravine, injured himself, and wound up separated from his camp groupin the harsh Sierra Madre mountains for 44 hours.

The mountains are difficult to navigate, and their high elevation means they get very cold at night. Things could have ended very badly, but Trevino wasn’t alone, and that likely saved his life.

Trevino had befriended a local dog named Max, a Labrador, and Max had tagged along on his ill-fated excursion.

But when Trevino fell, Max didn’t panic. He stayed right by the 14-year-old’s side the whole time, even sleeping on him to keep him warm during the cold night.

The next day, as an injured Trevino struggled to find his way back, Max found them a puddle where they could get some water, and continued to stay with him as the search party closed in.

The pair were found some 44 hours after Trevino fell and were airlifted to safety.

Local Police Deputy Director Martin Castillo says that if not for Max, this amazing story could have easily ended in tragedy.

“The child was lucky to find the dog,” he said.

Even after being rescued, Max stayed close.

Trevino was found to be tired and hungry, but his injury was minor, and he was declared stable. He’ll make a full recovery, as will Max.

Trevino and his family wanted to adopt Max in their gratitude, but it turns out Max has a home nearby the camp in Galeana, so he went home to his human family.

It’s pretty amazing that this incredible dog just happened to be in the right place at the right time!

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