Woman Hears Dog Crying For Help, Then Realizes Its Coming From Her Neighbors Apartment

No one ever wants to hear about the horrible realities of animal abuse, but when we know there’s a happy ending for ananimal once abused, it gives us hope for all the others.

Heather Frazer is one person who gives us, and a 4-month-old puppy named Rain, hope. She is a hero to this beautiful puppy, who was being beaten with an iron rod.

She heard his cries for weeks, but could not figure out where they were coming from. Eventually, one day she figured it out and realized one of the people in her apartment building must have been beating this dog.

The cries were heart-wrenching, and when she finally followed them to the alleged abuser’s door, she called police immediately.

They showed up and, along with the Humane Society, arrested the man for animal abuse and got Rain into a safe haven.

Rain was beaten badly, but they knew he’d recover when they saw his happy personality shine through immediately. You’d never even know that this puppy had such a heartbreaking journey.

Heather gets to meet Rain in thevideo below, and they surprise her with more than a hero title! She’s going to be a mom now too.

This story reminds us that if you see or hear something, you should always say something. You could be the difference between an animal’s lifeand death!

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