She Introduced Her Dog To A Slow Loris And The Cutest Interaction Took Place

Despite being classified as vulnerable or endangered, slow lorises are captured and illegally sold as pets.

Many have their teeth ripped out so they can’t bite and are stuffed into cages with barely enough room to move around. The people who buy them often aren’t aware that they’re supporting such a cruel trade, but in this woman’s case, her purchase had a good outcome.

When she saw an animal dealer selling one, she paid to save the primate and kept her at home until she found a place that took in rescued slow lorises. “At the time I bought her I had no idea of what they went through to get to the city. All I felt was that this little fellow should not be kept in such a small cage,” she said.

In the meantime, she let the small critter hang out with her chihuahua, which turned into an adorable encounter.

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Fortunately, the little cutie still had her teeth and was taken to live with seven others of her kind shortly after, where she has plenty of trees to climb on — but others aren’t so lucky. Please share to raise awareness about the illegal slow loris trade.

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