Old And Sick Golden Retriever Dumped At Shelter, Then Community Decides To Step In

During the first week of December, 2016, Clarence was tossed out of his home. The 10-year-old golden retriever was dumped at a shelter in southern California and left to die.

Clarence’s family apparently decided he just wasn’t worth keeping anymore luckily, the amazing people at Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue didn’t agree with Clarence’s old family. The Rescue thought Clarence’s life was absolutely worth saving.

So they committed to helping Clarence, and they took him to Dr. Schulman, a great vet nearby. Dr. Schulman saw that the poor dog was very sick. He had a mass in his mouth and something in his abdomen. After an ultrasound, they realized it was another mass, in addition to a blood clot on his spleen.

They performed emergency surgery on Clarence, which probably saved his life. Clarence had biopsies done, and they are waiting to see if either mass is cancerous. If Clarence does have cancer, he will probably only have six months left. But the Rescue has committed to making them the best six months of Clarence’s life.

Now the Rescue is raising money for Clarence’s medical bills, which add up to $7,500.

As I write this, it has only been three days, and they are only $50 from their goal.

Turning to the community doesn’t always work, but this time Clarence really touched people’s hearts.

Not only did people donate their money, they also visited Clarence at the shelter.

And so far, Clarence is doing extraordinarily well. They still don’t have the biopsy results, but “Of course being a Golden, he started wagging his tailas soon as he saw people and food.”

If you likethis story and think Clarence deserves all the love he can get,

h/t Go Fund Me

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