Golden Retriever Puppies See Girl Sitting On Their Blanket And Cant Resist Swarming Around Her

When these golden retriever puppies saw that a little girl was going to join them on their blanket, they started moving in a frenzy.

In the video below, posted on February 2, 2017, it is a relaxing, sunny day, the perfect time for hanging out with some puppies!

A youngblonde girl liesdown with her countless furry friends for a relaxing afternoon. Everything starts off calmly, with her cuddling and kissing a few of them outside in the grass.

She laughs with her mom, who is filming the whole thing.

Then eachgolden retriever puppy feels a boost of energy out of nowhere. The little girl begins to get nibbled and licked by the fluffy puppies all at once.

“Ow, there’s more,” she says while giggling.

“The PDA, oh my goodness!”her mom playfully tells her.

One by one, the four-legged golden retriever puppiesbeginto jump up, excited to see their human friend lying on their blue-and-white polka-dotted blanket alongside them. The adorable creatures keep playing around and vying for the girl’s attention.

Her mom laughs at the hilarious predicament her daughter is inand jokes, “They’re attacking!”

The little girl squeals form excitement as the games continue and more and more puppies begin surroundingher.

To see the golden retriever puppies “attack,” check out the video below and please SHARE this story with apuppy lover you know to brighten up his or her day!

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