Firefighters Run Out On Thin Ice, Then Camera Reveals A Dog Fell In

Hopefully you can only relate to the experience of fallingthrough an iced-over lake or pond thanks tomovies and TV shows. The classic filmLittle Womencontains one of thescariest such scenes, but the unfortunate truth is that these things happen in real life.

Falling through ice can be deadly, and most likely becomes one of the most horrifying experiences of a person’s life. The water is so cold you’re unable to move after a short period of time, and if you’re sucked under an iced-over area you’ll struggle to make it back to where you fell in.

The thought of something like this happening to anyone is horrifying, but can you imagine finding your beloved and helpless dogstuck in this situation?

That’s exactly what happened to this terrified golden retriever. He fell beneath the ice and the White Lake Michigan Fire Authority came to his rescue in the nick of time.

Thankfully someone saw the dog and called the authorities, otherwise, this 14-year-old dog might not have made it.

He went in about 100 yards from shore. Threefirefighters tethered out to him on a rope and saved his life.

Today he’s back with his family, but he’s still dealing with medical issues. Let’s pray for his speedy recovery!

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