5-Year-Old Throws Grass In The Air, Then 14 German Shepherds Swarm Her From Behind

Although cultures are different in all parts of the world, the love humans have for dogs and vice versa is something that is apparent almost everywhere.

A dog is everyone’s best friend, and it seems like 5-year-old Pernille from Norway would definitely agree with that.

In the video below, thelittle girl galavants in a wide open green field alongside her beautiful dogs. It’s not long beforeyou notice that she has more than one best friend, and much more than most.

Pernille has 14 lovingGerman shepherds following her around and playing with her as she throws up pieces of grass.

It looks as if they’re her little army, and with her being so small and easilyspotted out of the crowd of brown and black fur, this looks like a photo shoot waiting to happen.

Canyou imagine growing up with 14 of these beauties? I think I’d love it, but this mom must have to vacuum a lot. They’re pretty committeddog lovers if you ask me.

Let us know how many pets you grew up with in the comments below!

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