11 Heroic Dogs Who Proved Their Love And Loyalty By Protecting Their Humans

As any dog owner can tell you, the loyalty between them and their four-legged friend goes both ways. While the pup relies on us to provide food, care, fun, and (of course) plenty of belly rubs, dogs have also proven to be just as loving and protective oftheir human family members time and time again.

It’s just part of their nature to instinctively sniff out trouble and keep those they care about out of harm’s way. More than just being an endearing quality about the silly animals, as you can see in the examples below, their braverycan literally save aloved one’s life.

That’s exactly what countless military servicemen and women rely on while in the field with their fluffy fellow fighters, but there are plenty of other dangers found outside ofcombat zones.

Scroll through to seejust how these courageous canines earned the title “hero” from their thankful human friends.

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1. Droggie Takes On An Attacker


While on a walk with his owner and owner’s mom, Droggieselflessly put himself between his beloved humans and an attacker who was wielding a screwdriver against them.

Though the assailant did manage to get a few slashes in, the damage was minimal and authorities were ultimately able to apprehend the man thanks to Droggie’s defense maneuvers.

2. Lily Risks Life And Limb


Brave pit bull Lily lost her front leg when her owner’s momfainted while out on a walk with her son near train tracks.

The pup managed to act fast and pull the woman to safety despite enduring pain of her own.

3. Togo Makes A Fearless Journey


As one of the sled dogs who inspired the animated movieBalto, Togo led the most treacherous part of a mission that saved his human family and hundreds of lives in Nome, AK, when folkswere suffering from a diphtheria epidemic.

The pup and his pals traveled through ice storms to retrieve the anecdote.

4. Figo Stops A Bus


Audrey Stone, who is legally blind, relied on her sweet boy’s keen sight when a mini-school bus came barreling down a busy road near her home. She was seconds away from being squished when Figo jumped in front of her, fully prepared to give his own life to save hers.

Luckily, his injuries weren’t too extensive and the two were reunited after he received the necessary care.

5. Haus Fends Off A Rattlesnake


Haus was playing with 7-year-old Molly at her grandmother’s house when he began jumping around and acting frantic. When Molly’s mom walked out to see what all the commotion was, she saw Haus standing between her daughter andan eastern diamondback rattlesnake the most venomous snake in North America.

The pup allowed the snake to bite him several times in order to shield the young girl and was quickly taken for treatment, making a full recovery.

6. Bonnie Helps Her Hiking Buddy


Dina Wuest was camping atNew Zealands Tararua Ranges with her pup when the pair decided to go on a hike. While high up in the cliffs, Wuest took a nasty fall and broke her leg, but Bonnie made sure to carefully slink over to herhuman and provide the cell phone stashed in her vest so she could call for help.

She then snuggled up with her and kept Wuest cozy while they waited on assistance.

7. Hook Acts As A Hearing Aid


After the petite Chihuahua and Jack Russell mix’s attempts to warn his hearing-impaired human, Joyce, of a train inching closer to their path by jumping and tugging at her clothes and his leash, the small-fry finally managed to physically pull the woman from the danger with seconds to spare.

As soon as she saw the train fly by, she knew exactly how lucky she was to have Hook by her side.

8. Khan Tosses A Toddler To Safety


17-month-old Charlotte’s mom was horrified when she looked out the window to see her family’s doberman flinging her little girl across the backyard by her diaper one afternoon, but soon realized he was protecting her from aa king brown snake.

He was bitten in his paw, but was able to recover from the venom which would have likely been fatal for the young girl.

9. Killian Tattles On The Babysitter


Parents Benjamin and Hope noticedKillian acting strange every time they left theiryoung son, Finn, with his babysitter.

The pup had become more protective since hiring the caretaker and, after leaving a phone to record her actions with Finn one day, they discovered the reason when they heard her being physically and emotionally abusive to the boy,slappinghim and yelling vulgarities, despite having run a background check on the woman.

10. Bailey Sniffs Out Flames


Courtesy of Robert Bova

Randy Bova was home by himself and listening to music in his bedroom when he saw his dog rush into his room. She was behaving so strangely that he decided to head downstairs and see what was causing her commotion and found the first floor in flames.

The entire house and their belongings were lost, but Randy and his loyal pup were able to make it out safely thanks to her.

11. Leon Steps Right In


When men wearing masks broke into a couple’s home, Leon didn’t hesitate to put himself between the intruders and his owners, barking and lunging at the intruders before receiving a gun shot to the head.

Themen quickly ran away and Leon’s owners rushed him to emergency care where, by some miracle, he was able to make a full recovery from the traumatic event.

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