The Heartwarming Friendship A Hedgehog Shares With 2 Dachshunds Will Make Your Day

It’s amazing how animals of different species can not only coexist, but become close friends and form bonds that can never be broken.

Meet one such unconventional and miniature family who will melt your heart. One look at Maya, Minnie, and Peanut, and it’s obvious that one of those things is definitely not like the others. That’s because Minnie is a hedgehog, but when you see her doggie sisters playing with her, it becomes clear they don’t mind their spiky sibling one bit. In fact, the trio obviously loves spending all their time together, while their adoring owner Natasha Fernandes supervises their playtime.

As super cute as her sisters are, I’m sure Maya, the older dachshund, would prefer the youngsters stop raiding her food bowl at dinnertime.

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