Rescuers Find Little Puppy Left To Die In Trash, Then They Notice He Has No Front Legs

A man found a dog in a dumpster outside a building in Toronto, Canada, on February 1.

The 8-week-old pup, born without his two front legs, was left for dead on a pile of trash, much like Frances the dachshund.

The man who found him immediately took the dog to an animal shelter, thoughthey rejected him because of his birth defect. Apparently, they claimed to not have the preparation to care for a dog with no front legs.

The man was shocked. He left with the puppy, racking his brain for ideas of what to do with him.

That’s when two of the shelter’s volunteers caught up with him outside. They took the puppy off his hands and gave the little guy a safe home for the night.

They named the puppy Cupid because of his adorable heart-shaped nose. Cupid, who is a Great Pyrenees mix, spent the night with the shelter volunteers before being picked up by Joan Znidarec of the Dog Rescuers Inc.

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Joan took Cupid to a veterinarian, who gave him a clean bill of health.

Then she found a foster family who agreed to look after him while Joan got prosthetic legs made.


According to Joan, more than 30 people have already called asking to adopt Cupid, but she hasn’t settled on anyone yet.

She wants Cupid to have some time to get used to his prosthetics before he moves into a new home.


Joan also wants to make sure that Cupid will be placed with a family dedicated to caring for a dog with special needs.

Cupid will have prosthetic legs made for him, but since he is still a puppy, he will undoubtedly need new prosthetics made as he grows.

Additionally, because Cupid has special needs, he will need to have extra trips to the vet, attentive parents who will be aware of his needs with orthotics, and a special diet.

Cupid’s foster mom says that right now he gets around by scooting around on his chest, using his back legs to push.

With his new prosthetics, though, he’ll have to learn to move in a very different manner.

Right now, Cupid has skis, which are getting him ready to move around in a more upright position. He seems a little skeptical, but I’m sure he’ll get used to it in no time.


Dogsare very adaptable, just like humans, so adjusting to his prosthetics will be no problem for Cupid. I can’t wait to see him running around and enjoying life!


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