Photojournalist Rescues Tiny Puppy From Deep, Cramped Hole

Life can be really tough for stray animals. They struggle to find food and shelter, and they can be very easily taken advantage of or harmed. And it’s not always people that pose the danger.

A lot of the time, it’s the environment around them that ends up harming them.

Take this stray puppy, for example. Her mother accidentally knocks her down a drain, and it takes the police department as well as a local plumbing company to rescue her from the pipe. She sure had one relieved mama when she finally emerged from the drain!

Then there’s this little pup who ended up stuck down a well. Luckily, Animal Aid Unlimited was on hand to rappel down the well and rescue the puppy. Another awesome success story!

In this case, a tiny stray dachshund puppy falls down a steep hole and is in dire need of some help. When local kids are unable to reach the dog, they call animal control to the scene.

But even they aren’t able to rescue the little one. It’s then that photojournalist Bilal Kurdi, on hand as a member of the media, steps in and reaches down into the hole until he’s able to free the scared pup.

And, judging by thebarrage of sloppy kisses, the puppy couldn’t be more grateful!

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