Expectant Mom And Her Pregnant Horse Pose Together For Stunning Maternity Shoot

I think we all know a mom or two who knocks it out of the park with every Christmas card and birthday invite they send; they just all look awesome.

Well, we have a feeling that one new mom is definitely going to follow in the same tradition, going byher amazing maternity photos!

That’s because it wasn’t just her maternity shoot, but she also got her beautiful horse involved!

As we saw with the adorable dachshund posing for her canine birth announcement, maternity shoots for the animals in our lives are all the rage these days.

But we’ve never seen a photo shoot where both the humanand her horse were pregnant!

It’s a one-in-a-million situation, and we are so glad that it was captured for posterity in a gorgeous photo series by Tara Ruby Photography.

Scroll through below for an awesome look at this unique photo shoot, along with a few others that are taking notes!

When it came time for photographer Tara Ruby to shoot this expectant mama’smaternity photos, it was clearexactly who would be in the picture with her!

In the photos, Mom posed with her horse, who’s not just an important part of her life, but celebrating her own milestone, too!

That’s because the beautiful horse in this picture is pregnant as well.

And a few months later, it was time to book another photo session, because both human mom and mama horse had delivered their babies just a few months apart!

Here, you can see Mom nursing her little baby boy, lovingly supported by the best friend a girl can have her horse!

This beautiful mare poses next to her owner with herownadorable little foal!

We’re pretty sure that’s the first mom-and-horse photoshoot we’ve seen where both the womanand the horse are pregnant, but the trend of horses in maternity shoots is taking off!

Lots of women have their roots in the countryside, or have been riding horses their whole lives.

It’s not surprising that they’d want a place for something so special in their maternity shoots!

If you keep horses, you already know that a horse is part of the family!

These beautiful, graceful animals have long lives that they spend side-by-side with their favorite person.

For instance, this young woman is posing with a horse she’s had for nineteen years!

In fact, the average horse lives between 25 and 30 years.

If you started riding horses as a little girl, it’s very possible that you might grow up with one of these beautiful animals with you every step of the way.

Then, when that little girl blossoms into a woman and has her first baby, she might just have the opportunity to have her (now senior) horse meet the next generation!

Of course, there are a dozen different reasons to make a horse a part of your maternity experience.

This mom, for example, went for a fantastical theme in her photoshoot, and dressed up as a princess.

Meanwhile, the pony that appears in her magical photos dressed up, too as a unicorn!

And perhaps, most important of all, incorporating a horse into a maternity shoot is a great way to pave the way for a legacy!

Your little one will practically come out of the womb on horseback and have a love forthese spectacular animals early on.

What do you think of these unique and beautiful maternity shoots?

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