Dachshund Hears Moms Bloodcurdling Shriek, Then Sees Bear Attacking Her

A Eustis, FL, dachshund named Daisy proved that sometimes a bark bigger than a bite is a good thing. In 2014, Daisy’s human, Krystal Long, was unloading groceries in the garage.

Long then encountered a black bear. Typically she’d make some noise and the bears would flee, but this one was ready for a fight. Longscreamed, and instantly Daisy and her son came running.

I really thought that I was going to die and I wasnt sure what was going to happen to my son, she said. I started throwing things at it to get it to go away because usually when you do that, they take off. But this bear was different. It only enraged him and made him come closer.

But the 15-pound dogwasn’t scared of the 200-pound bear. Daisy got in between Longand the bear and fended off the attack. But Daisy wasn’t just willing to fight she was willing to sacrifice.

He had her pinned down with one paw and he was ripping into her, Longsaid.

Daisy’s distraction gave Long enough time to get her son back in the house, but the grateful mother wasn’t going to leave Daisy for dead.

I ran in and I got my gun and I was going to get my dog because I wasnt going to let the bear finish her off, she said.

By the time Longreturned, the bear had gone. Despite her injuries, Daisy fortunately survived. Although the bear broke her ribs and required surgery, her community regarded Daisy as a hero. Together they raised over $5,000 to pay for Daisy’s medical bills, even more than the Long family had asked for.

Daisy demonstratesexactly why we call these creatures man’s best friend.

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