Confused Dachshund Puppies Stumble Over Each Other, Then Discover Camera Filming Them

After a long, hard day, nothing makes people feel better than watching a video of animals. And the best animals to watch to lift your spirits? Puppies.

Puppies are indisputably adorable nobody can argue that tiny baby dogs aren’t the sweetest little thing.

And you know what’s even cuter than regular old puppies? Dachshund puppies a whole group of them. Their bodies are long and their legs are adorably short, plus they’re so young they haven’t quite figured out how to control their limbs.

If you love dachshunds, you’re going to adore this video. Below, watch a bunch of tiny dachshunds stumble over each other as they chase after a parent.

While they’re running after the grown-up dog, though, they get distracted by something laying on the floor: the camera that’s filming them.

At first they seem to ignore the camera entirely, but when they finally see it they start sniffing it so much that you can even hear their sniffs.

The video below is sure to put a smile on your face, even if you’re having a bad day. These puppies stumbling around and tripping over one another is so cute that you can’t help but smile while watching it.

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