Animal Handler Captures Touching Moment Tiny Dachshund Comforts 350-Pound Lion

Have you ever met someone absolutely nothing like you, yet you still somehow hit it off and became great friends?

Maybe you were born into a friendship like that, with a sibling or a cousin. You and another person may have millions of differences, both apparent and not, and you just end up realizing how great of friends you can be after passing the initial differences.

And, if you’re lucky, you may realize how much you have in common that liesbeneath the surface.

Thatseems to be exactly what happened to the 350-pound lion named Bonedigger and the tiny 7-year-old dachshund named Milo.

These two beautiful and extremely different animals live at theGreater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park inOklahoma. They’ve been there together for the past fiveyears, and they’ve been inseparableever since their friendship started.

When the video below starts, we see Milo serve as his friend’sdentist. Tiny Milo walks up to his best friend Bonedigger and basically sticks his head into thehuge lion’s mouth!

Milocleans Bonedigger’steeth with his tongue, and you can immediately tell just how sweet and trusting these two animals are with each other. Each photo and moment caught on tape is as stunning and adorable as the next.

Canyou imagine having your head anywhere near a lion’s mouth?

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