Tiny Dog Refuses To Abandon Trapped Friend As Rescuers Rush To Save Them Both From Dirty Pipe

Dog best friends Winston and Rosie are giving new meaning to the word “loyalty.”

When the two of them chased a rabbit down a long, narrow pipe, Rosie became trapped in the small space.

As Winston is a much smaller dog, he wasn’t having the same issue as the German shepherd.

But instead of carrying on his merry way, Winston refused to leave Rosie’s side even when rescue workers began using treats to lure them out.

He continued to bark for help, andhe wouldn’t budge.

It was a tough situation for rescue workers, who eventually had excavate the land around the pipe in order to free the trapped dogs.

But free them they did, and now Winston and Rosie are back to running around in the grass and breathing in the fresh air all around them.

If only people were as loyal and caring as adorable little Winston the world would be a much better place!

When two dog best friends, Rosie and Winston, chased a rabbit into a long, narrow pipe, the Boxford Police Department was called to help rescue them. But when rescuersgot there, they realized they were in for a difficult ride.

The pipe was impossible for a person to fit inside, and the dogs were too far down to be easily reached. So rescuers sent a camera in, with a treat attached, to lure the dogs out.

It was then that they realized only one dog, German shepherd Rosie, was truly trapped, and the much smaller, Winston, was there for moral support. Because Rosie couldn’t move, more township departments were called in to excavate the land and save the dogs.

Winston and Rosie were carefully freed and couldn’t have been happier to be out of the pipe!

Thanks to all of the rescue workers who helped, Winston and Rosie can go back to spending their days hanging out and chasing rabbits hopefully not down anymore pipes, though!

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