These Men Weren’t Afraid To Get Down And Dirty After A Dog Stumbled Into A Pipe Hole

Pipe dreams are goals or wishes that are just outright unattainable. Unfortunately for this cocker spaniel, I don’t think she ever dreamed of becoming trapped in a sewage pipe.

While taking her team of grouse-hunting dogs out for a hunt on the moorlands of the Invermark Estate in Scotland, Karen da Rosa noticed that one of her pups, Jazz, had gone missing. After one careful combing over of the estate proved to be unsuccessful in finding her, Karen required the help of the estate’s gamekeepers.

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This is Karen’s team of hunting dogs prior to Jazz’s disappearance.

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As he was searching, head gamekeeper Garry MacLennan heard a noise coming from a hole located on a hill. He decided it was worth a second look.

Talk about diving in head-first into the rescue efforts. The team of gamekeepers had finally found the missing dog, but getting her to safety was a whole other story.

Facebook / Angus Glens Moorland Group

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Rescuing Jazz wasn’t a simple one-man job. The whole team took to the dirt to save the pooch.

Eventually, the men were able to free the dog from her underground, muddy prison.

Thankfully, Jazz survived the ordeal with only minor injuries and was soon reunited with her worried owner.

Both Karen and Jazz couldn’t thank the brave gamekeepers enough for going above and beyond to save the day.

I’m glad that Jazz is okay, but I can’t help but wonder why no one ever considered filling in a pipe hole located on a fancy hunting estate?

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