Spaniel ‘dumped over 6ft fence’ in freezing conditions in West Malling – BBC News

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Image caption The black and white spaniel is thought to be about a year old, the charity said

A dog is “lucky to be alive” after it was discovered “dumped” over a six foot fence, surrounded by “frozen solid faeces”, the RSPCA has said.

The female spaniel was found by an off-duty policeman in West Malling, Kent, on Wednesday morning.

The charity said the dog – thought to be a springer or cocker spaniel – had been thrown into an enclosed gateway to a designated dog walking field.

It believed the pup, which has a docked tail, was left the night before.

‘Extremely cruel’

RSPCA inspector Rosie Russon said: “This poor pup is lucky to be alive. When she was found, there was frozen solid faeces on the floor next to her.

“How she survived in such freezing conditions, I don’t know.”

The dog is receiving treatment for a skin condition and sore eye at the charity’s centre in Chobham, Surrey.

Ms Russon said that after a 14-day abandonment notice ends and she is fully recovered, the team will find her a new home.

She added: “It’s outrageous that somebody thought this was an appropriate way to dump their dog. It was an extremely cruel thing to do.”

The charity is keen to hear from anyone who may have information.

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