Scooby The Senior Dog Gets An Amazing Makeover So He Can Find A Forever Home!

It’s a hard life when you’re a dog thathas been left behind in a shelter. Surrounded by other dogs all barking, being randomly fed by strange humans, all without truly understanding what’s really going on.

But there’s always hope; there’s always the chance that these dogs will get saved by a loving human family so they can finally live in a forever home filled with kindness and respect. But of the millions of dogs thatare waiting for a loving home, there are millions of others thatdon’t get to experience that.

Sometimes it’s because of their breed pit bulls are viewed as aggressive, for instance. Sometimes it’s because of their color black-furredanimals all have a stigma of being “evil.” But for senior dogs, it’s nearly impossible to ever find a home.

Senior dogs, like Scooby, usually don’t get a second chance. But the video below shows what just a little bit of some loving care can do. A group of dog groomers got together and helped to glam up Scooby and 56 other dogs just to see if it could help them get adopted!

Check out the rest of Scooby’s story below if you want to be happy for the rest of the day!


Meet Scooby: he’s a wise and experienced senior dog thatthrough no fault of his own was left to be homeless. His loving human died after many years together, so the only place to put Scooby was in a shelter.

Being a senior dog in a shelter is never good. It’s hard enough for younger dogs to get picked for a loving forever home, but the odds are stacked against dogs thatare older. They’re usually always skipped over.

Therefore, in order to give Scooby a better chance, a local shelter decided to give him a nice new haircut and a cute little tie to wear, all in order to call more attention to him!

This dog has personality and a great capacity for love. Just because he’s a few years older than the dogs around him doesn’t mean he won’t make an amazing companion for years and years to come!

The haircut and bath went amazing. This “old” dog really loved the feeling of being pampered for the day.

Believe it or not, these two are bothScooby! The dog on the right looks like a puppy, and you’d never believe he was a “senior” dog!

But did his makeover work? Will he get adopted?

Check out the amazing video below to find out if Scooby finds a forever home!

Watch the HEARTWARMING video below!


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