Max, a poodle and cocker spaniel mix, went to the groomer for a routine visit, but the 7-year-old rescue never came home after he was soaked in chemicals at the back of the store. The incident isnt the first pet death at Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies in Shelby Township, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

Dennis and Maureen St. Clair dropped Max off at Shaggy Dog on Thursday morning, but they didnt receive a call in the afternoon to pick him up. Concerned, Dennis drove to the shop.

“I saw the groomer, her name was Cindy, and she was coming out the back door with a dog wrapped in blankets and just soaking wet,” Dennis told Fox 2. “And I looked and said, Oh God, I hope it isn’t my dog, and it was Max, foaming at the mouth.”

The couple had never had any issues with the groomers before, and Max went in last week to have his coat trimmed and nails clipped.

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