Cocker Spaniel Puppy And Cat Love To Play Together

Cats and dogs have a long-standing reputation for not getting along. Though they do sometimes get a little territorial, they can actually be pretty sweet toward one another when they think no one is looking. If you dont believe me, just check out this dog giving a cata massageor the cat and dog teaming up to scheme against their owner. Maybe mans best friend is actually cats best friend, too!

Barney the cat and Beaux the cocker spaniel puppy are certainly an example of this. The two love playing together so much that Barney even has a stepstool so he can be at Beauxs height. I just love watching the two of them paw at one another and Barney trying to gnaw at Beauxs floppy ears. Its too cute!

If cats and dogs can play together, maybe we can all take a little inspiration from this and make nice with someone that we usually dont get along with. Just no gnawing at any frenemies ears!

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