When They Found This Poor Puppy, He Was Barely Breathing…From A Drug Overdose!

Heroin is a major problem in America. In the past year, we’ve seen time and time again just how devastating the affects can be for individuals and their families.

Remember the two kids who came home and found their parents too high to open their eyes? Or the mom who overdosed while shopping for toys with her daughter? Every time I see one these videos, I think things can’t get worse. But now, even dogs aren’t safe from the deadly drug.

In Texas, authorities found a four-month-old Chihuahua barely clinging to life on the floor of a parked car. While his owners were shoplifting in a nearby Home Depot, he’d eaten their heroin stash.

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The pup was rushed to an emergency pet clinic, where vets worked desperately to save his life. He’s now recovering and up for adoption at the Carrollton Animal Shelter. The former owners were arrested for heroin possession and theft.

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