Man Notices A Cracker Barrel Bag In Middle Of Street, Opens It And Finds 4 Abandoned Puppies

It is an unwritten rule that people shouldn’t have to be reminded of. It is something that dog owners and dog lovers know and understand. It is also very simple: if you or someone you know doesn’t want their dog, or can no longer care for their dog, then please, put them up for adoption. Pass them through the proper channels so that, if they can no longer stay with their owner, then they can find another loving family. This is something everyone should know and follow, and yet, we still encounter stories, like the one in the video below. Four abandoned puppies were found in the middle of the street, inside a Cracker Barrel bag.

Lexington, Kentucky Animal Control and Care received a call around 2 in the afternoon on Wednesday, February 1st, from an anonymous man.

Apparently, the man was walking down Race Street when he noticed the Cracker Barrel bag in the middle of street.

Luckily, he decided to investigate further, and it was then that he realized the bag contained four puppies, babies who couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 weeks old.

Why would someone do this?

Officer Timothy Brown says that the puppies appear to be in good health, but still, he was grateful the good samaritan contacted them when he did.

Employees believe the puppies are a Chihuahua mix, and thankfully, the center has received many inquiries involving the pups’ adoption.

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