Firefighters Burst Into Flaming Home To Save 7 Dogs, But Owner Insists Theres 1 More Trapped

When a house fire happens, there are many things that will go through someone’s head.

Depending on what is inside the house, we may worry about our material possessions, if we happen to live alone.

If you live with others, then your first worry is making sure they are okay. Humans can understand when you scream “there’s a fire,” but a dog cannot. They can sense danger, but some dogs hide instead of run.

For a Phoenix family, there was quite a bit of panic, as the mother and daughter had 8 dogs in the house with them.

All of the animals and the 2 women were upstairs when the fire occurred. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they quickly rushed to take care of the flames and get the animals out of the house.

But when they came out with 7, the homeowner said the remaining dog must be hiding inside the house. Gizzy, a chihuahua and pomeranian mix, had indeed hid instead of trying to get out.

Gizzy was found by the firefighters, hiding in the ashes of the fire. When they pulled her out, she was okay but covered in soot.

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