9 Amazing X-Ray Images Of Pregnant Animal Bellies

The miracle of life is incredible to watch.

Whether it’s your sister that’s pregnant, or your mother’s goat that’s expecting babies, there is always at least some degree of giddy anticipation for the big day when new life enters the world.

We’re used to seeing sonograms of human babies throughout all stages of pregnancy. But have you ever wondered what other animals look like inside when they’re pregnant with their offspring?

You may think it’s dangerous for animals to get an X-ray while they are pregnant. However, vets saythat one X-ray won’t hurt the tiny babies, and the knowledge of how many babies are on the way can be lifesaving to the mother in manycases. So fear not for the little ones in the following images!

These ninepregnant animal mothers-to-be under the X-ray machine are all incredibly beautiful. Have you ever seen anything like this before?

1. Puppies


Howall these adorable pups fit is entirelybeyond me.

2. Kittens


It’s both beautiful and jarring to see them like this, even though I know how cute they’ll be once they’re born.

3. A Kiwi


This single kiwi egg takes up the entire space inside the mom’s stomach, which is already pretty darn tiny.

4. A Fawn


When rescuers found this mama deer, they were not expecting what they found in her belly.

5. Bearded Dragons


Lizards aren’t for everyone, but for those who understandthat theycan make great friends, this image of a mama’s eggs inside her belly is so sweet!

6. Raccoons


When a mother raccoon was taken into the Toronto Wildlife Center with gunshot wounds, rescuers were happy to see that the babies were still safe and that Mom would mend.

7. More Kittens For Good Measure


Honestly, there can never be enough kittens. Although this mama might think otherwise.

8. Guinea Pig(let)s


This mama guinea pig is packed to the brim with tiny babies. It’s hard to believe she can still get aroundwith a belly like that!

9. Chinchillas


Chinchillas are quite possibly the softest creatures on the planet. The thought of snuggling all four of these tiny babies brings oh so much joy.

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