25 end-of-the-world gifts for when the world, you know, ends

Every end-of-the-world hideaway needs a little personality.

Should the apocalypse zombie, Trump or otherwise arrive in 2017, you’ll want your loved ones to be prepared and stylish. So gift them a few of these fun supplies to make sure their moist underground cave rivals that of Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Happy holidays, everyone. It’s time to make this bunker a home.

1. A nice succulent

Image: Home Depot

Price: $10

2. A peppy rug

Image: ikea

Price: $149

3. A wacky hedgehog lamp

Image: Target

Price: $32

4. A candle that smells like outside

Image: Bath and Body Works

Price: $23

5. A survival pod

Image: This Is Why I’m Broke

Price: $5,000

6. An air-purifying pot for your last plant

Image: Amazon

Price: $65

7. A cheery throw blanket

Image: Berkshire Blanket

Price: $24

8. A big cleaver

Image: amazon

Price: $17

9. A mirror that kind of looks like the sun

Image: Hayneedle

Price: $209

10. A zombie apocalypse survival poster

Image: Etsy

Price: $17

11. A nice chihuahua pillow

Image: Etsy

Price: $19

12. A big, comforting yarn ball

Image: Etsy

Price: $27

13. A beautiful ornament to remind you where you are geographically

Image: Etsy

Price: $25

14. A comfortable beanbag chair

Image: Etsy

Price: $39

15. A fun shark craft project

Image: Amazon

Price: $15

16. A colorful world map wall decal

Image: Amazon

Price: $67

17. Some charming matryoshka dolls to pass the time

Image: Etsy

Price: $38

18. A goofy little whiskey glass

Image: Amazon

Price: $20

19. A big fake plant for when the real one dies

Image: Amazon

Price: $53

20. A truly giant stuffed dog

Image: Stuffed safari

Price: $40

21. A big framed Justin Bieber poster to hearken the good times

Image: Amazon

Price: $65

22. A fancy gel pillow

Image: Amazon

Price: $32

23. A non-ticking clock for sanity purposes

Image: Amazon

Price: $16

24. A lovely Himalayan salt lamp

Image: Amazon

Price: $30

25. Noise-cancelling headphones for when your bunker-mates get annoying

Image: Amazon

Price: $349

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