This Is Why You Shouldn’t Play On Ice

Its all fun and games until youre the laughingstock on YouTube.

A young woman has earned internet stardom after hilarious video shows herplunging through thin ice after feebly attempting to stand on it.

Im fine, she calmly declares just before shes left screaming her head off in knee-deep water.

Her friend, who couldnt stop laughing, continued filming the scene and internet users everywhere are thanking her for it.

Take heart in the knowledge that your friends suffering was for a greater purpose, one top YouTube comment read.

Officials in Minnesota have shared these guidelines for walking or driving on ice.

Any future ice-goers looking to perform similar stunts should take extreme caution, as officials in Minnesota warn that ice is never 100 percent safe.

You cant judge ice conditions by appearance or thickness. Many other factors, including water depth, size of water body, water chemistry, currents, snow cover, age of ice, and local weather combine to determine its strength, an online pamphlet for the states Department of Natural Resources reads.

German trauma surgeons recently advised people to waddle like a penguin to avoid slipping on icy surfaces. That typically involves leaning your torso forward so that your center of gravity is on your front legs.

But whatever you do, dont do as this guy here.

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