Parents Record Daughter Trying And Failing To Get Onto Hammock, Then She Lands On Her Head

If we’re all honest with ourselves, there has once been a time in our lives where we could not get on the hammock with ease.

Whether it was when we were young, before we mastered the art of balance, or when we were older just stumbling through a night or a day with our equilibriumthrown off, we’ve definitelyall been there.

And when this family noticed that their adorable blond daughter was learning on her own, they decided to take the camera out and capture the funny determination that she was showing.

Everyone in the house seems to be breaking down in tears from laughter, but this little girl is completely unphased by her continuous trial and error.

She fails a couple of times, miserably, falling on her head even! But, she does not give up.

Her parents record from the window, and she tries again and again. Getting on slowly, then quickly turning over, flipping her on the floor below.

This has happened to me more times than once, so I can understand the amusement, but I definitely would not have kept at it the way this little wonder is!

One day, she’ll be the master at the hammock, and then she can laugh at her family while relaxing!

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