Dad Tears Up When He Realizes Love Is The Prize After 2-Year-Old Forfeits Race For A Hug

Sometimes, kids don’t fully understand and follow through with commitments. They don’t comprehend the commitmentaspect of things, and they’re too young to try to without the guidance or helping hand of someone wiser than them.

That’s where their parents come in.

But sometimes parents give in too. When you hear and see why Imoh Umoren let his 2-year-old son, Imoh Umoren II, lose his race on purpose, you’ll most likely agree with his decision.

This adorable father-son duo has an irreplaceable bond. Everyone at this 2-year-old’s race at school saw it with their own eyes; instead of finishing this race, he quit and hugged his dad. Love was his prize, and that is a prize we all can cherish.

Photos courtesy of Imoh Umoren

Now, here’s the adorable culprit of the finish line avoidance.

If you’re not already in love, I’m not sure how you’re human.

Imoh Umoren II is 2 years old, and his contagious smileand pinchable cheeks are absolutely perfect.

Plus, his personalitygoes right along with it all.

Photos courtesy of Imoh Umoren

Imoh’s father says that his son is quite the hugger, and they have such a close relationship because of the value that Imoh knows should come with a parent and child’s relationship having lost his own parents at the young age of 13.

Photos courtesy of Imoh Umoren

So, after many days of practice in their front yard. Imoh II finally got to put his practice to the test in the race at school.

But, when he approached the finish line, although his dad taught him to complete his commitmentat the race he decided thathugging his dad was more important.

He ran off the track and straight into his dad’s arms, and his dad was the furthest thing from mad.

His tweet about the whole thing has since gone viral, too.

Photos courtesy of Imoh Umoren

Imoh told ABC News,“I was immediately teary because it showed me that sometimes love is actually the prize … we need to be reminded that love and friendship are more important than winning trophies.”

Photos courtesy of Imoh Umoren

With all Imoh has gone through, he’s always craved the father-son relationship. And he’s clearly making sure that he will never take a moment for granted.

“I’m really trying to raise him right to be a gentleman and expressive.”

I think he’s off to an incredible start. Don’t you just want to hug this sweet little boy?

Who cares if your child is running off the tracks for some love? There couldn’t be a better win for a parent, right?

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